Maybe you’ve had enough of life. Maybe you haven’t had enough of life, or maybe you just want to feel for yourself, what it is like to roam the Finity in search of Infinity. Nevertheless, now that we’ve been cooped up inside our houses for the past few months, I guess it’s time for some armchair travel. So imagine the wind tousling your hair, let the ZNMD roam free inside you, and let’s walk through my top reasons for why I love road trips so much:

1. Self-discovery

There’s nothing like the span of roads betrothed to the glistening sun and the hum of the engine drowned by the stereo playing your favorite song. Such are the moments when we wonder where life is, is it where we wanted it to be? Is it how we wanted it to be? For me, these are moments when I wonder who am I? The 9-to-5 girl relentlessly chasing her dreams or this free-little soul becoming one with the sky.
[It is for such bursts of self-discovery that I, personally (also presuming most people) live.] Let the asphalt heal you.

Sigh and drive on, wanderer, sigh and drive on…

2. Flexiblity

Hitting the road in your own car gives you the freedom to feel the journey as it rolls around you. Be it the metropolitan concrete jungle or lush pasture, you have absolutely no strings attached. Unlike most modes of travel that simply transport you from one point to the other, road trips instead offer you a gazillion different experiences between those exact/two points. And that is exactly why road journeys through the same route form completely different experiences for different people.

So bask in this luxury of flexibility. Take random halts. Find those quirky photo stops, small eateries, roadside tea stall and annoy the hell out of the person driving. It’s your journey, paint it nice and bright.

3. Music

Karl Benz invented the petroleum-powered internal combustion engine and hooked it up to a wagon in 1886. He drove it around for about 44 awkward years until a genius retrofitted a compact radio on its dashboard in 1930. And boy, did it all go upscale from there? Yes, that was your sweet little story of how car radio came into existence.

Today, from CDs to pen drives to Aux cables and Bluetooth, music has become an integral part of the entire driving experience. So much so that the key to a successful road trip is now a good playlist. Music elevates the moods, heightens the senses, and gives people sitting behind something apart from backseat driving. The best part about this is that there is absolutely no definition for a perfect playlist! Belt out Elton John followed by Rolling Stones, and top it all off with my favorite Mohammed Rafi! Go experiment and dish up the la playlist parfaite! 

4. Pocket-Friendly

Now, it is a common misconception that road trips are an option best reserved for the wealthy. More often than not people perceive road-travel as an expensive indulgence, and like most myths, it needs to be busted too.

As with basic calculations, anyone would figure out that road trips become more cost-efficient as the size of the group increases. However, what people don’t realize is that airline prices fluctuate heavily depending on the season and corresponding demand, which is not the case with road travel. Your road trip cost will average out to be the same irrespective of the number of people on road. More so, many people generally don’t factor in the cost of travel within the city. They might crack a really good deal on their flight however, they end up shelling out twice as much money while traveling within the city. On the contrary, if one chooses to go by their own vehicle then not only will they optimize the overall travel cost, they will, in fact, enjoy the greater luxury of flexible plans.

That being said, the cost of road-tripping does increase if you rent a vehicle over driving your own. However, with the advent and popularization of car rental services such as ZoomcaZapSubscribe you can get some kickass deals to optimize your travel expense.

Please be very very careful about the car rental service you choose. You want to be extremely sure about their policies and grievances redressal system. I personally had a terrible experience with Drivezy. No one ever picked up at their customer care center and as a result, I couldn’t get my dues back. But don’t worry there are a lot of trustworthy companies out there. Just don’t fall for cheaper prices, go for a more reliable brand while renting a car.

5. The Scenery

You’re driving on an open road, it’s 6 in the evening, the sun is down but sending you love from beyond the horizon, the pavements are a lush foliage and there’s a promise of rain in the air. As you and your friends are soaking it all in, humming along your favourite songs, you begin to realize how beautiful life is. The same old you suddenly feels so much better, so much more alive.

You stop the car and sit over the bonnet, still gently warm. Clicking pictures of the setting sun over a hazy bay, smiling faces looking at you as you thank life for being this kind.

Imagine that:)

6. BGFL – Best Gang For Life

Zindagi Na milegi Dobara wouldn’t have been as insanely epic had Kabir not reflected on the long-standing pact between him and his childhood friends and dragged the reluctant Arjun and the secretive Imran along for the road trip of their lifetimes. And that’s exactly what we all need. Ask your gang to tag along, have a collective spiritual healing experience, get hammered together, embarrass yourself, form meaningful bonds, ones that will last beyond customary DMs and birthday wishes. Live!

To me, these are the things that road trips are about. Don’t make your travel a deal about reaching your destination. Instead, turn your journeys into the destination.

Churn the engine and let the magic seep in!

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